Sunday, July 19, 2009


"Cary never gave autographs, but his turn-downs of requests for them were such studies in charm that I often thought they served as come-ons even to people who knew wouldn't actually get one. In any case, this proved itself on this occasion -- and, as usual, Cary was up to the challenge. To one woman who gushed 'My friends will never believe I met you unless...,' Cary gently interrupted, 'You mean you have friends like that? You really shouldn't.' To a man who began, 'I hate to bother you, but...,' Cary's interruption was firmer. 'Don't ever,' he advised, 'do anything you hate.' And finally, to a third man, who started 'My wife will kill me...,' Cary was also admonitory. 'Tsk, tsk,' he smiled. 'You really shouldn't have that kind of relationship -- it's too dangerous.'"-- Cleveland Amory on having drinks with Cary Grant at the Polo Lounge. From his book "The Cat Who Came For Christmas."

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