Wednesday, July 29, 2009


How does Shelley Winters rate the big publicity build-up Hollywood always offers? Sure she has sex appeal. What shapely girl doesn't? But as for looks -- she's out!
I haven't met one person yet who thinks she's beautiful. And I've never seen an actress with such messy hair. If Hollywood can spend so much publicity on her, why don't they put her wise to a hairdresser? -- Mrs. Emily Bortel, Grand Rapids, Ohio.

Why doesn't someone wise up Janet Leigh and some of the other younger stars about some of their indecent evening dresses? In my opinion they are a disgrace to the female sex. You never see any of the older stars like Loretta Young, Irene Dunne and Barbara Stanwyck wearing daring evening dresses. They use their heads for more than just a hat rack! -- Janet Robey, Detroit, Michigan.

Letters to the Editor, Motion Picture magazine, 1954


  1. My god, that second woman's head must have exploded by the time the 60s rolled around (if she was still alive, that is).

    What a fun pic of Shelley!

  2. LOL!!!! Janet Leigh, of all people, in a daring evening gown?! I wish we had a photo of that.

    Sadly, I sort of see the point that Mrs. Emily Bortel was trying to make about Shelley Winters...

    WV: hordr - The VD specialist in Hollywood in 1954.