Friday, July 3, 2009


"THE OTHER DAY Esther Williams, having broken four dates for a publicity layout, arrived an hour late, much to the annoyance of a half-dozen people who'd been waiting for her.
Esther appears to be too much concerned with herself and her family to care much about the other fellow. She blithely goes her own way, suiting things to her own convenience, even if her actions may hurt others who have to take second place to her.
ANOTHER THING, many people think Esther talks too much about her money and her shrewd financial investments. Maybe it's just plain jealousy, but everyone seems to get a little irked at the way she brags about her ability to pyramid money. Some say if she lost some of that smugness she'd be very popular, indeed, for she has the qualities of humor and humanness to make her a wonderful person."
-- Motion Picture and Television Magazine, 1951

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