Monday, December 7, 2009


IDon't speak! We live in modern times that demand everything be unadorned and comfortable. But women don't look as good as they used to. And a hat before you step out of the house would go a LONG way to correct the forgettable impression most women make when they enter a room. Let alone their postures. Or is the idea of making an impression when you enter a room as dated as these pictures? I think this may be true. Truer still is the idea that in these modern times you want to avoid being noticed when you enter a room. And maybe that's why places that boasted stairs that announced your entrance, like the old Brasserie in NYC, have gone the way of the hat too.


  1. Once hairstyles expanded and took precedence in the 60s, hats never stood a chance of being popular again....especially with the popularity of longer hair. Women spend too much time and care on it these days to cover it up. Truly a shame. For men as well-they only wear stupid looking baseball caps (usually with the ugly and meant to be removed promotional sticker still on them) now. Wearing a hat is truly a lost art.