Sunday, June 28, 2009

WHAT SHOULD I DO? Your Problems Answered by Bette Davis

Dear Miss Davis:
I am twenty years old and have a sister seventeen. My parents died a few years ago and I support both of us. 
This is the problem: She imagines herself to be in love with John Payne. She has our rooms full of pictures of him until I can't bear the sight of his face. She has covered all our relatives' pictures with a picture of him. She never misses a movie he is in and lately has been spending everything she earns on magazines in which there is a picture of him.
I find her sitting in front of the mirror acting as if he were there. She pretends she is his girl friend and even his wife. She doesn't go out with any other boys -- she just moons over him.
This has gone on for a year now. Can you tell me what I can do to end this silly infatuation. I've tried taking her to see other stars, but she still holds on to him.
Yours in disgust,
-- Jeanne W.

Dear Miss W:
You have signed yourself "yours in disgust" and I think perhaps that is the whole trouble. It is possible your ridicule of your sister's devotion for Mr. Payne only incites her further, out of stubborness. If this situation really worries you, why not rave about Mr. Payne even more than she does and pin up twice as many pictures? This shouldn't be too much of a trial as Mr. Payne is a very attractive man. 
It is certainly far healthier for your sister to admire a man of Mr. Payne's caliber, who is remote from her, than a boy she could see all the time. Her admiration of Mr. Payne will probably make her fussier about any beau she eventually chooses. 
-- Bette Davis

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