Monday, June 29, 2009


One of the gags around Hollywood for a long time was that Farley
Granger would never marry Shelley Winters because he didn't want to
give up his one-room bachelor diggings in Laurel Canyon. And we're
beginning to think there's a lot of truth in the story.
It's strictly a man's hideout, of course, and maybe some of you
girls wouldn't like the casual air of the place -- casual meaning
comfortable, man-style, with magazines strewn around haphazardly,
records piled up on the phonograph, and an all-around atmosphere of
being actively lived.
Farley, who was working on "Strangers on a Train" at the time,
refused to comment when we asked him if this would be home for him
and Shelley Winters after their marriage. He just looked at us for a
long moment, smiled, and said: "How do you like my paintings?"
-- Motion Picture and Television Magazine, 1951

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