Sunday, January 24, 2010


Allegedly, this is a picture of Rock Hudson on his way to have a lobotomy. Universal Studios had deemed it a necessary last recourse, in view of the actor's increasingly indiscreet hi-jinks with other men.
Lawyers for Hudson tried to intervene, even though there was a clause in his contract that allowed Universal to re-arrange the content of his brain without explanations (it had been said Universal also threatened to re-arrange the contents of Deanna Durbin's brain when she balked at renewing her contract.)
Rock Hudson was saved in the nick of time when his lawyers found another clause in his contract that would cancel re-arranging the content of his brain if he agreed to stop having hi-jinks with other men and married a woman.
Reportedly Hudson called his secretary, Phyllis Gates, and asked her to find a woman to marry in a hurry. Gates suggested herself and the two were wed in November 1955. The union lasted 3 years.
According to rumor, Phyllis Gates threatened to spill the beans to every newspaper and magazine if she was to receive only $250 a month in alimony. It's also rumored that Universal threatened to re-arrange the content of her brain if she so much as opened her mouth. Gates agreed when her lawyers arranged for the money to be paid for a 10-year period.
Rock Hudson died at 60 in 1985. Phyllis Gates died at 80 in 2006.

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