Thursday, September 13, 2007


The Edmonton Film Society showed "All About Eve," which I could probably get up and recite playing all the parts from beginning to end. Again, I'm thrown into a space with people past their 60s and I think "ah, an older crowd," like I'm Gregg Kinear or something. I don't relate to "older people" as peers. I don't know if that's denial or I just don't see myself reflected in the way they come across. All that aside, it was great fun to watch "Eve" with an audience, less sophisticated than NY, and notice what they found funny and what went straight over their heads, like my favorite line "If she can act she may not be bad. And she looks like she could burn down a plantation."

As always, the great Thelma Ritter makes everyone's scenes shine. And since this is the second time in two entries that she's come up, I think it's good that I post a picture of the old girl.

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